Serious Black - Mirrorworld ( Ltd. CD Digipak + 7 Bonus Tracks) Προβολή Μεγαλύτερου

Serious Black - Mirrorworld ( Ltd. CD Digipak + 7 Bonus Tracks)


FORMAT:Ltd.Digipack CD




GENRE:Melodic Heavy/Power Metal


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Serious Black - Mirrorworld - Ltd. CD Digipak

The year 2015 started more than promising for fans of high class melodic metal: SERIOUS BLACK, a so-called “allstar band” appeared on the scene and dropped their highly acclaimed debut album ‘As Daylight Breaks’. Much to the surprise of many, the band indeed proved to be a real band and they kept their promise of rocking the stages wherever possible. So during only a year they not only successfully released a fantastic debut album, but also went on extensive European tours with HammerFall and later Gamma Ray. In addition, SERIOUS BLACK was chosen to be special guest on Kamelot’s German Summer shows and also played numerous festivals in Europe. Being that active in the past 18 months, it’s surprising to see the band announcing a brand new studio album already. You’ll be even more surprise when “Mirrorworld” sees its release: SERIOUS BLACK have managed to excel their excellent debut! Prepare for something special: the “Mirrorworld” opens on September 9th

Line Up:
Urban Breed – Vocals
Bob Katsionis – Guitar
Dominik Sebastian – Guitar
Mario Lochert – Bass
Jan Vacik – Keyboard
Alex Holzwarth – Drums



01  Breaking The Surface
02  As Long As I’m Alive
03  Castor Skies
04  Heartbroken Soul
05  Dying Hearts
06  You’re Not Alone
07  Mirrorworld
08  Emotional Blackmail (Digipak Bonus)
09  The Life That You Want (Digipak Bonus)
10  State of My Despair
11  The Unborn Never Die
12  This Machine Is Broken (Digipak Bonus)
13  Hello Moon (Digipak Bonus)
14  Goodbye My Angel (Digipak Bonus)
15  I Show You My Heart - Acoustic Version (Digipak Bonus)
16  Sealing My Fate - Acoustic Version (Digipak Bonus)

Χρονολογια 2016
Styles Heavy/Power/Prog Metal/NWOBHM